The Phoenix is a high quality reading resource for children aged 6-12 that is perfect for school libraries and classrooms. The Phoenix uses stunning illustrations and a broad range of high quality content to draw children in and get them reading.

We know from direct feedback that The Phoenix can be truly fantastic for reluctant readers (particularly dyslexic children) – encouraging them to read independently and for pleasure

An engaging and high-quality resource in the classroom, The Phoenix can enhance all aspects of curriculum learning – why not try it out to supplement your Art & Design, English or History lessons?

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The Phoenix is one of our most popular magazines and especially gets the boys into the library. It also engages the less able or reluctant readers, and leads to them borrowing more books The Librarian – Hockerill Anglo-European College.


The Phoenix Presents series of comic books are great for school libraries.

The series covers adventure stories, funny comics that children love reading, amazing non-fiction and puzzle books that focus on mathematical skills.

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